How To Maintain Your PC

People have become so dependent on computers that rarely you see an office or home without a computer. It’s the same when it comes to mobile phones, tablets and laptops. One main advantage is that all these devices makes life easier and saves a lot of time, money and energy. Using is not the only thing you have to do with them but also maintain them to take the best results.

What happens when you don’t maintain them is, they malfunction and you can lose a lot of valuable data and other stuff. So, before this happens, start maintaining your computer in the proper way. Given below are some helpful tips.  

Anti-virus programs

It is important to protect your computer from harmful virus, malware, worms, Trojan horse, adware, etc. since it can cause a lot of problems in your system even stop the function of it totally. Install an anti-virus program so you can track all these threats by having a full scan at least once a week. Sometimes you may think that a scan will run when the PC is off too. Nothing in the computer will function when its shut down. Check at what time you have set it to scan. If it’s a time that you don’t use the PC change the time settings. Also update these programs so you can get new information about these viruses.

Clean your PC

By cleaning we mean the physical cleaning. You may have experienced at times your PC generates a lot of heat. This is because of the inadequacy of cooling system. It happens due to a lot of dust that is trapped inside the PC. If you ignore this situation it also can reduce the lifespan of the computer. If you find it hard there are people who does effective computer repair in Perth have the appropriate tools for this physical cleaning.

Backups and hardware

When hard drives experience a serious failure and if you haven’t done a back up to your computer, you will find it hard to recover your data and other things that were stored in your PC. Before this happens do a good back up and secure your valuable things in the PC. It’s not a hard job. Find a suitable professional who does computer repairs to do a full backup to your computer. A hard drive can malfunction due to virus infections, theft, hard drive crashes and natural disasters.

With time your hard drive may experience a fragmentation in the disk. This is if you don’t run the option “disk defragmency” which is already provided in your computer. This fragmency may cause low performance, and sometimes even make your whole system stop working. Also check the programs that you don’t use which is installed in your PC and uninstall them. Why do you let them take up your valuable space in your PC?